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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 17, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EST

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don't forget january 26 and the president's state of the union address next tuesday. we are covering it live apm 2:11 p.m. and we will hear from top republicans and democrats. your money and yoursee the show, dvr it. in the meantime leave with you lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. president obama today making it clear he does not have a coherent strategy to stop iran from building nuclear weapons. in an hour-long news conference with british prime minister david cameron, president obama issued two warnings, one to congress to hold off on passage of any new sanctions against iran. >> my main message to congress at this point is just hold your fire. nobody around the world, at least of all the iranians doubt my ability to get additional sanctions passed should the negotiations fail. that's not a hard vote for me
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to get through congress. lou: and another warning to iran, if the regime were to move ahead with its nuclear weapons program. >> if iran ends up ultimately not being able to say yes, if they cannot provide us the kind of assurances that would lead myself, david cameron and others to conclude that they're not obtaining a nuclear weapon, then we're going to have to explore other options, and i will be the first one to come to congress and say we need to tighten the screws, and by the way, that's not the only options available. i consistently said we leave all options on the table. congress should be aware if the diplomatic solution fails that the risks and likelihood end thises up being a military confrontation is heightened, and congress will have to own that as well. lou: but it is debatable which of his threats was the stronger, because only 10 minutes later, president obama
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went onto take back the threat of a military confrontation with iran. >> i am not, repeat not, suggesting that we are in immediate war-footing, should negotiations with iran fail. lou: and president obama is so toxic on capitol hill that an extraordinary and rare move cameron himself has been personally calling senators. he says not to lobby them but to try to persuade them from imposing further sanctions against iran but it is not only iran where the president's foreign policy seems to lack direction. mr. obama still refuses to use the phrase radical islamist terrorists despite new raids across europe, resulting in the arrests of dozens of suspected radical islamist terrorists. fox news senior correspondent rick leventhal has the latest from paris.
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>> reporter: european counterterrorism teams carried out more than a dozen raids overnight, arresting radical muslim extremists suspected of plotting attacks or recruiting fighters in france, germany and belgium. in verviers a terror cell was hours from launching an assault targeting police officers. two extremists were killed and another wounded. a total of 13 arrests and multiple weapons seized including ak-47's, explosives cash and police uniforms. in paris 12 suspects with possible ties to last week's attacks are in custody reportedly 8 men and 4 women, most known to police for common crimes, now suspected of providing logistical support to the kosher grocery gunman, amedy coulibaly. secretary of state john kerry made 19th official trip to france five days after the mass unity rally that drew dozens of other world leaders visited the scenes of last week's terror attacks telling the
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foreign minister he couldn't make it sooner because of previously scheduled trips to india and bulgaria and told french president francois hollande america shares his pain. >> i wanted to express to you personally the sheer horror and revulsion that all americans felt for the cowardly and despicable act, the assault on innocent lives, and on fundamental values. ♪ you've got a friend ♪. >> reporter: secretary kerry brought james taylor to perform you've got a friend for the people of france to help ease tensions. meanwhile the new issue of "charlie hebdo" featuring cover cartoon of the prophet mohammed sparked protests in pakistan, algeria and elsewhere with clashes turning violent. demonstrators burned flags and turned stones calling the
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cartoon blasphemous. thousands of radical extremists training on the battlefields in iraq and syria returning home. authorities say these are the ones most likely to launch new attacks and the problem is simply too widespread to fully contain. lou, back to you. lou: rick thank you very much. rick leventhal from paris. the obama administration sending 400 troops to the middle east to train moderate syrian rebels this spring. turkey qatar saudi arabia agreed to host the training facilities where the troops will be working with syrian moderate rebels. general martin dempsey chairman of the joint chiefs of staff says 18,000 of the rebels have to be trained to have any impact in the syrian conflict. latest intelligence shows the islamic state gained territory after three months of u.s. and so-called coalition airstrikes. joining us tonight, the former
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u.s. ambassador to the united nations, fox news contributor, john bolton. john, let's start with the announcement of 400 troops who won't be apparently on station until march. is this -- what is this? >> well, i think it's another inadequate administration response, if you were ever going to do this sort of thing it should have been done four years ago. i think they're going to be hard pressed to find enough syrian moderates left on the battlefield to train, and the notion that somehow this is what's going to deal with the islamic state just falls of its own weight. today in the press conference with prime minister cameron, the president still talked about the fight against isis as if it were entirely confined to iraq. his strategy on dealing with isis is utterly incoherent. lou: and one is tempted to ask what is coherent about the policies in the middle east? it is a struggle to comprehend
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400 troops to train 18,000 fighters and trying to be effective let alone be thoroughly trained in a conflict that is ongoing, and turning to africa, boko haram the list goes on. the troops we sent to africa have been swallowed up in the jungle and left, frankly, their mission, their success is not even mentioned by the pentagon or this administration. what in the world is going on? >> well i think the withdrawal of american influence politically and militarily is resulting in north africa and the middle east as a whole. the entire region slipping into chaos from a crisis in this country and a crisis in that country and a crisis in yet another country. the whole region is dissolving. national borders are dissolving. governments lost control over territory, and the president is just absent from the problem. i think this is one reason why
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the saudis and others are so concerned about what's happening with isis, what's happening with iran. they see the chaos, and they'll be the next ones to feel it. lou: the president referred to the phenomenon of violence when he was talking about radical islamist terrorists attacks in europe. he has watched presumably millions of people in europe certainly the french marching in demonstration against specifically radical islamist terrorists. this is a major turn for europe. it took tragedy for it to happen, but it's happened and happened with greater force than it's happened in this country. the demonstrations are much larger against radical islamist terrorism there than they've ever been here and yet he tries to minimize and to frankly trivialize what has occurred in europe with his
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tone, that of his senior adviser, valerie jarrett, again she's talked about we wish we could have marched in the parade. i mean how is this being received in europe? >> well they think we've lost our direction. you know, we got our tragic wake-up call on 9/11. the president has spent six years trying to put us back to sleep. in europe, as you rightly say after these attacks, watching what the belgian police did, i think they are awake. what makes this even worse that the president won't say rad call extremist islamist the muslims themselves know this is a problem. and i think the very courageous reports by president al-sisi of egypt where he called for a revolution in islam shows that muslims know they've got a problem with the terrorists even if our president does not. lou: you know we should actually do much more with what
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general al-sisi said, what he wrote. it is a call within islam for a profound change in both perspective and acceptance of responsibility here, and we will do so, and i would like to you participate in that discussion, ambassador it's always good to have you with us. we thank you so much. ambassador john bolton. >> thank you, lou. lou: much more later in the broadcast on the threats of radical islamist terrorism right here in the united states. a frightening report from the organization the clarion group. we'll have details later in the broadcast. we'll be talking with one of the authors of that report. we're coming right back. stay with us. governor mitt romney making his case for 2016 telling republicans why they should support what would be a third run. steve forbes is here next on romney running for
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. lou: arizona becomes the first state in the union to require stents to pass the u.s. citizenship exam if they want to graduate from high school. man! i've just got to take my hat off to the entire state of arizona.
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under the new law, students must answer at least 60 out of 100 questions correctly. questions such as who wrote the declaration of independence, and why does the american flag have 13 stripes? 18 other states are now reviewing passage of similar legislation. i hope they do. i hope they all do. president obama today doubling down on his threat -- notice how many times he doubles down, on his threat to veto bipartisan legislation that would impose new sanctions against iran. >> congress needs to show patience. so with respect to the veto, i said to my democratic caucus colleagues yesterday that i will veto a bill that comes to my desk. lou: and so he says he will. president's latest threat comes just a day after telling senate democrats he will play offense
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against the republican-led congress and senate and press ahead with more executive actions. joining us now forbes media chairman editor in chief, steve forbes, good to have you here. >> good to be with you. lou: now we have a clear understanding. the president keeps doubling down, congress keeps passing bills to repeal obamacare. they're locked in some sort of spiral, i'm not certain to what end. >> first of all, doubling down the way he does if he had a real opponent like a poker tournament, he wouldn't have made the first round, and in terms of the new congress they should see it as a huge opportunitiment i think they will pass the keystone bill but pass some of the good stuff and the president will be seen as the obstructor and pass the resolution or bill on gitmo. why are they releasing people who -- many of whom will become terrorists again against our own people? i don't get it. lou: i should not laugh.
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we're talking about terrorism, and i want to apologize for that. but there's a point which we reached so far into the absurd that laughter is the only response! this is a president who held up yemen as a model partner in the war against terror. yemen, which has been the origin of so many terrorists captured or killed, who have carried out attacks in europe. this is beyond madness to continue this process. >> well, you have isis carving out a new state in iraq and syria. you have boko haram doing the same thing in northern nigeria and the terrorists in yemen are doing the same thing. i've heard those terrorists are worse tan what we have with isis, if that's believable. you have a bad bunch running three areas of the middle east. why would we release terrorists to where these people came from? lou: and i love the administration response
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facetiously, i love that. talking about the recidivism rate, the return to the battlefield rate is not as high as most people think. >> do you know of any war unless it's part of a parole where you have a prisoner swap, where you unilaterally release prisoners before the conflict is over? did we do that in world war ii? i don't think so. lou: this president is the great unilateralist, what's striking about that is he campaigned, he bludgeoned george w. bush in his campaign for being a unilateralist rather than a multilateralist going it alone. he's bragging about going it alone whether it is against the republican congress, whatever it may be. >> well, oftentimes some of the people when they criticize they're describing themselves, and so obstructionists, unilateralists, this is the president of the united states he's never learned to
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negotiate. when you're a community and organizer, you're not negotiating, you're making demands, trying to stir things up. lou: it does make us look a bit the fools for us to complain about his incoherent strategy utterly dysfunctional administration, his inability to run the government. after all, we are the ones who put him in office without experience, without vision, and there we were. he had the great advantage of not being george w. bush. let me turn to trade. the republican party is suing the president for abuse of power and going beyond his executive power, while at the same time, urging the president to accept trade promotion authority, fast-track authority on trade on trade which is article 1 section 8, the constitutional responsibility of the congress. clear intellectual contradiction on the part of
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the republicans for me if you can? >> the so-called trade promotion authority means they come to an agreement, you have an up-or-down vote on it and you don't have amendments. that goes back for decades. the key thing is -- lou: actually it goes back, only been so for five years we don't have it everybody saw the result, and the reality is they say they don't trust the president on all of these issues and suddenly they trust him to negotiate for an up-or-down vote without their influence over its content, trade, which is a clear, clear departure, though it's been done before by the congress. isn't it time the people took seriously, whether republicans or democrat the constitution of the united states. >> what did you say? the constitution? something in an antique store or something? lou: put it in the window and put to work. >> one of the things bigger
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than the trade authority, that involves a lot of negotiation is what he's about to do with iran. i think the congress should go through the sanctions, and the thing about iran is he's going to give it all away. he's going to make it possible for them to develop interballistic continental missiles, make it possible to get right close to developing a nuclear weapon and when they decide to do it, no time to do anything about it, and he gave it away on cuba. that's why you never let this guy near a poker game, unless he wanted to get his money, if he had some. >> the great advantage he has, he is the house, and the odds are still with him to this point. not for the country, but for him. again, using that first person reference in almost everything today. >> that's why when he gives eulogies at funerals it's all about him. it's remarkable. thankfully, this is a strong country. we will survive him, and we'll
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come back as we did in the 80s. you mentioned ronald reagan, i'm old enough to remember the malaise of the 70s. we overcame it and became a great nation again. we have it within us. lou: i certainly, certainly agree with you, i believe that's the case. the damn shame is we have to keep overcoming. >> yes. lou: good to have you with us. >> we should have learned after ronald reagan. lou: we should have learned so much. steve forbes, thank you good to see you. a look at our online poll results, we asked -- that's reassuring because certainly i could not. be sure to vote in our poll tonight -- cast your vote at
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up next, why americans are paying too high a price for the president's refusal to talk straight to the american people, and indeed to the world?
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. lou: al sharpton is unhappy with this year's oscar nomnations saying it's appallingly insulting that the academy only nominated white actors and actresses. sharpton calling for an emergency meeting of his, repeat his, what he calls diversity task force next week. and the president seemingly acting in lockstep with sharpton posting a screening of the civil rights movie "selma" tonight. "selma" nominated for best picture and song but the academy snubbed it in the rest of the categories. in california, demonstrators from the group black lives matter disrupted
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the morning commute for folks in san francisco. dozens of protesters with metal spoons banging on hard surfaces of hard things. i love that expression. shutting down several b.a.r.t. stations, another black lives matter protest shut down a boston area highway yesterday. people were annoyed to say the very least, the group apparently not interested in winning hearts and minds to support their cause. a few comments now on a president who seemingly can do anything with language but talk straight. during his hour long news conference today filled with five minute long answers, president obama once again refused to use the afraid radical islamist terrorists. is it perhaps because he's so frightened of radical islamist
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terrorists themselves? or is it because he thinks he can win favor with those radical islamist terrorists by denying their ideology denying their belief system denying their very existence. despite what is our national experience in more than two decades of radical islamist attacks against u.s. interests, the united states itself and american citizens. this president today referred to the terrorists we've been fighting as a phenomenon. not as a global threat by radical islamist terrorists. >> this phenomenon of violent extremism, the ideology the networks, the capacity to recruit young people, this has metastasized and it is widespread, and it is penetrated communities around
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the world. i do not consider it an existential threat as david said, this is one we will solve. lou: wow. as i listen to him today, i was thinking this is 2007. and here is a junior senator untested, untried, unschooled speaking about something that is utterly beyond his experience, his comprehension, and instead, he's using the word phenomenon after six years in office, and one which the president doesn't consider to be an existential threat. not an existential threat. the president's generous self-indulgence and self-delusion apparently doesn't require him to contemplate why he has not given his superior comprehension of world affairs stood before the american people and declared loudly victory in both iraq and afghanistan! could it be that such a
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catapult from geopolitical and military reality would strain even mr. obama's immense capacity for fanciful communication to the great unwashed american citizenry. he and his cadre of apologists and fantasists who compare to hard facts and should be objective knowledge. mr. obama's hopes and wishes whatever for and for whatever purpose are so much easier for him to shape than all those stubborn geopolitical and ideological realities that defy him, and defy mr. obama's description of radical islamist terrorism as a phenomenon of violence. no matter, no matter that it's an inherent banality. it's a major progression, however, for this president, from where he began in 2009.
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the obama administration was committed at the outset to replacing the bush administration's term war on terror. do you remember it? overseas contingency operations. let me repeat. that overseas contingency operations. phenomenon sounds transitory, temporary, outside our experience with terrorism, which is, of course tragically part of our national experience, and despite his use of the word phenomenon the violence of radical islamist terrorists is very much an experience owned by the very president who failed to succeed in two wars and instead who has retreated. president obama's language is not only asinine and cowardly, it is prissy and banal when you consider that mr. obama's british counterpart standing next to him today, david
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cameron, called such terrorists a, quote poisonous radical death cult. radical islamist terrorists with the islamic state are swallowing up, iraq, syria and extending reach through somalia, yemen and beyond. the taliban is extending power in pakistan and afghanistan, boko haram is devastating nigeria. and rather than destroy those whose names he cannot speak, this president threats and fusses over the semantics of radical islamist terrorists and how to avoid such references as well. apparently, at any cost no matter how high the cost to all of us. the quotation of the evening. this one from english poet-playwright ben johnson who said --
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we're coming right back. the threat of radical islamist terrorism in member, a frightening new report about radical islamists that may be living in your neighborhood. ryan morrow of the clarion project tells us what theú
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♪every day is so wonderful♪ ♪then suddenly♪
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♪it's hard to breathe♪ ♪now and then i get insecure♪ ♪from all the pain♪ ♪i'm so ashamed♪ would it be ok if i sat here? ♪i am beautiful no matter what they say♪ is she serious? ♪i am beautiful no matter what they say♪ whatever! ♪words can't bring me down♪ new girl! ♪words can't bring me down♪ ♪i am beautiful in every single way♪ ♪yes, words can't bring me down.♪ ♪so don't you bring me down today♪
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. lou: frightening examples of
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islamist extremism right here in this country. thousands of islamic villages set up across the country. look at this map. it shows the extensive reach from los angeles to new york groups involved in guerrilla war training imams calling for violent jihad and instituting sharia law. here to discuss this threat in our very country is ryan morrow national security analyst for the clarion project dedicated to exposing the dangers of islamist extremism in america. good to have you here. >> thanks for having me. lou: i was watching you and bill o'reilly talking about the very issue. it is -- your report is so absolutely disturbing because there is so little discussion of it on the air waves in newspapers, magazines across the country. i think people sense what's
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happening, but they don't have anything comparable to the knowledge base you've assembled on this threat within our own country? >> right viewers can go to clarion and see what's going on in their state. we have a section called islamist organizations in america, referring to the radicals. we've heard so much about al qaeda and isis if you are calling for instituting sharia or preaching anti-americanism you are creating the foundation for all of that to happen. you're part of the same problem. lou: what's interesting is president obama today dismissed, dismissed radical islamists which he won't even use the phrase and says it wasn't an existential threat. this missing, what has been more than a decade of combat in afghanistan, the taliban emerges of victor, whom we destroyed at the outset of that
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conflict, the ideology which he ignores makes it an existential threat, and he dismisses it with a wave of his, of his emperor's wand or whatever you may call it. it seems not only irresponsible, but purposefully duplicitous. >> it's frustrating for me. now virtually everyone is using the terms in europe and the middle east, and no one is getting offended there's no backlash. the argument in favor of the type of vague terminology is you don't want it to appear we're waging a war on islam and the entire muslim world it will be misinterpreted. you don't want the backlash. look at our press, moderate muslims saying we're fighting the islamists. they're using the terminology. why can't we. >> the question is why do we have to defend our use of any language. free speech is a right in this country. it is not in europe to the
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extent it is here. free speech is fundamental to the american experience and to the american culture and our constitution. the group cair, they style themselves as a civil rights organization, what are they in your judgment? >> in the judgment of the justice department and the muslim brotherhood as written in their own documents, this is entity of the u.s.-muslim brotherhood. they set up the palestine committee. a secret section to advance hamas through the media. and the fbi wiretapped some of the founders of cair in philadelphia in 1993 and you can read the wiretaps online, and they were specifically talking about using deceptions in order to advance the islamist cause. they're saying we're islamist fighting for the islamist cause, and cair says you can't use the word islamist. lou: they have succeeded in
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stealing the voices of so many media organizations, news outlets because they are litigious and because they have been working diligently to effectively silence an independent press in this country. hancock, new york talk about that town in new york and what you have found there. >> this is really amazing, there's a radical cleric in pakistan and there's videotape of him explicitly saying i'm setting up training camps around the united states including islamberg in hancock new york where the headquarters is for guerrilla warfare training i had a law enforcement source give me tape of the guerrilla warfare training, they have 22 of the, quote, islamic villages around the country. lou: excuse me let me ask the director to take this video full if you would and i'd like to see the opening shot in the video, it is quite something to see the name of this place laid
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out on that sign, islamberg, couldn't be more specific, could it? >> no, this is basically the set up a no-go zone, creating a state within a state, and very radical. the leader said jews are examples of human satans and the jews engineered pearl harbor to make us fight hitler. >> incredible. in this country, in 2015. we're going to be continuing our discussion with ryan mauro. we'll be bringing you the reports of the clarion project throughout and look forward to seeing you soon. thanks for bringing this to the public's attention. >> thank you. lou: the country owes you a real expression of thanks. we appreciate it. >> thank you up. >> next, wall street breaks losing streak to wrap up what has been a -- to put it mildly a wild week. but all the volatility is telling us about our economy. wall street legend michael
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holland is here next. stay with us.
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. lou: on wall street, stocks rallying today the dow surged 191 points, the s&p up 27, the nasdaq up 64 points. volume on the big board, 4
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billion shares. for the week however, markets down more than 1%. crude oil rallying 5% today. settling above $48 a barrel. consumer prices falling and falling dramatically in december posting the biggest monthly decline in six years shares of goldman sachs lower after reporting a decline of fourth-quarter earnings beating earnings targets nonetheless. here with his outlook on the markets, michael holland, mike, great to see you here, and we're delighted you're going to explain this volatility. [ laughter ] >> this stuff is breath taking, triple digit moves every dog gone day. >> if this were a weather pattern, lou you would have been warm for a long sxrt a cold front moving in. we've had five or six years of incredible lack of volatility. it's abnormal. the last time i was sitting with you, this is the easiest five year bull market of my life.
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and i've got a long life that i've lived in the markets. it's been the easiest, so little volatility. 2014, very often you heard the word complacent markets, up, up, up with very little so you had moves that were less than 1% most of the time. fast-forward to today, have you huge moves in both directions in a lot of markets. one of the biggest factors here is the federal reserve and the other central banks no doubt about that. they provide the money you keep hearing with all the political and economic stuff you do here the economy around the world is not particularly good it's not bad but not very good. so it's not -- the markets haven't gone up because the economy is so good there's plenty of money around to boost the assets up. lou: consumer goods falling, looking at the prospect of deflation when you see consumer prices biggest drop in six years, and what we're witnessing in europe is
4:50 am
deflation. what are the prospects that we're going to see that materialize as the central threat to the economy going forward? >> the fact that you can ask that question as a semminal question is one of the reasons we won't be defiled by deflation. back before this country had it and before japan got it it was not on anyone's mind. you start with ben bernanke who said i wrote all about this i wrote a thesis, and the fact is i know how it fight it. he did incredible things may or may not have been successful. janet yellen the same thing. the ecb, one of the most important days for the market coming up, they're going to do their best to make sure we're successful. pushes up financial asset prices, bonds and stocks both. lou: and crude oil $48 after a 5% rally. what are the prospects, and what will be the end result? >> supply and demand from
4:51 am
people whoain lot more about it than i do, tell me we may be coming to a bottoming process. we've gone to half where we were several months ago, if we continue to get the slowdown in exploration, we'll have 40 50 for an extended period of time. lou: michael holland, always good to see you. >> are you running for president or not? lou: i'm going set up a committee and explore and my wife will say don't think about it. how about you? >> no my wife said no also. lou: there's that. we would have been good too, you know? >> i'll be vice president. lou: well. tough spot i love that. great to see you my friend. listen to my financial reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. we're coming right back. first forget the great orator why some are calling the
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president obama the
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so they say it's a man's world? well i don't see anybody's name on it. while they were out doing their thing. we slowly changed all that. we changed all that.
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today women can do anything men can do. and there's one thing we're even better at...
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lou: joining me now, political analyst, fox news political analyst, doug. radio talk show host tammy bruce. very quickly, if the president won't use radical islamic terrorists. what are we to make of it? what is going on here? >> i think. and i wrote this earlier
4:56 am
in the week he's abdicated the authority of the free world not speaking about terror. there's something more fundamental. we don't have a strategy to fight terror, whatever you want to call it. we have no foreign policy. lou: that was the first line i spoke at the beginning of tonight's broadcast. i think persistently. but anyway. well i'm going to take those vowels and break it down to just a couple. your thoughts? >> look, we can analyze barack obama as a problemmed individual. maybe he's punishing us or europe for not doing what he wants. he's running perhaps another campaign because he expects something on the world stage after his presidency. the danger is, it means that we're in trouble. that there is no plan.
4:57 am
my column coming up is about the failure of the surveillance state. that, in fact they tell us they have a plan with mass surveillance, whereas, in fact if paris tells us anything, is that that's mass surveillance state has failed. lou: there hasn't been a repetition to september 11th. it hasn't been a smooth and glorious path. >> but we've had -- lou: i want to turn if i may to the republicans and the democrats who have chosen to it seems, come together. jeff denim the republican congressman revealing the g.o.p. has embraced comprehensive immigration amnesty. are you shocked? or do you think it's true? >> i don't think it's true. i think the vote on the republican package suggests that there is almost no consensus in their party and there's
4:58 am
a certainty that the republican bill, if it gets through the senate, will not get signed by the president. i think we're looking at more dysfunction in washington. and no confluence of interest or policy. rather, we just have disagreement. >> and if there is anything convergence anything we do know from the recent attacks it matters -- dine feinstein was worried about the waiver program. if you revoke that, that's putting a fence around the nation. (?) so the arab border would be secure, but the southern border still isn't. clearly, immigration has to be factored in. lou: i see so much bs coming from the white house and now both houses of congress, that it's a little hard to be comfortable on any assertion of what they're doing. certainly they're not comfortable. and the people running
4:59 am
for 2016 on the republican side now mitt romney is in. what do you make of it, doug? >> i make of it with ten or 11 candidates, the disagreement we see in terms of candidates, represents the disagreement that exists between the mass space of the party. lou: and the unified democratic party between hillary clinton soothes your anxieties? >> it certainly suggests to me that the big winner of the republican primaries will be hillary. lou: it is a big ten. >> it is. what it tells you is there's a lot of talent on the republican side. and there is no talent on the democratic side. so republicans get to choose. it took reagan, it took three times to become president. maybe it will be the same for romney. scott walker is already going after hillary clinton. so he knows what he's up to as well. it's going to be interesting and i think americans will have a good choice.
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>> my final word is fratricide. lou: we have to come up with a better word. how about thank you for being here. good night from ne have a wonderful weekend everybody. gerri: hello, everybody, i'm gerri willis and this is the "willis report," the show where consumers are our business. food police strike again. wendy said no more sod todays with kids meals. what is next? no more fries with that. police indict a couple when they let their kids go home from school alone. they say it is child neglect. they say they know how to raise their kids. southwest is fined for letting passengers get stuck on a plane for hours. is this real enforcement or a slap on the risk. four out of five credit reports have errors.


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